Your kid wants three things in life: To be a rock star, to kick butt like Mr. Miyagi, and to soar like Superman. We can’t help out with the flying thing, but we can make your rising star a black belt in music!

The Band Dynamics Vision, “To create a powerful paradigm shift in music education across the planet.”

The Band Dynamics Mission, “To prepare students for life by igniting their inner potential and encouraging the pursuit of excellence through music.”


At Band Dynamics you will grow through :

      Commitment to yourself, your new opportunities, and other musicians!
      Determination to break through comfort zones, destroy previous ways of thinking, and to reach new exciting goals in music and performance!
      Confidence by discovering all of your unique abilities both old and new!
      Originality by learning to write your own songs as you learn to play some of your favorite songs as well!
      Communication by learning to talk like a musician to other musicians and to be able to express what it is you want out of music and life!
      Friendship by meeting other musicians of all ages that will grow with you and share some of the best times of your life!
      Fun, Fun, Fun have a lot of it! Music is fun and so are lessons at Band Dynamics and you will discover some of the most fun ways of playing and learning music like never before!

“Who is Band Dynamics for?” Everyone! All ages, and all levels of experience are welcome. What are you waiting for? CALL TODAY for a FREE tour of a Band Dynamics nearest you! (303) 972-7625.

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