The next Band Dynamics concert is here and it is going to be completely rockin’! We have to shows on the same day that feature all of the Band Dynamics bands! Make sure you are here for this or you will be hearing about how much you missed out on!

What: Band Dynamics Presents “A Tribute to the ’90s

When: Saturday, February 5th 2011

Two Separate Shows

Show 1 at 1:00 (doors at noon)

Show 2 at 4:30 (doors at 3:30)


5302 S Federal Cir Littleton, Colorado 80123

(303) 795-6877

Important Details #1: Tickets are $8 pre-sale, $10 at the door. Pre-sale tickets available at Band Dynamics in limited quantity – so hurry and buy them- the last show sold out! If you wish to attend both shows, simply purchase two tickets, best in advance. ALL students are admitted to either show, free of charge of course. Family and friends are cordially invited to attend both shows.
Important Details #2: There will be food. Seating will be limited so come early. All students must arrive no later than the earliest door time for their given show.

Important Details #3: ALL patrons will be asked to leave the venue shortly after the first show. This “clearing out” will ensure there is a clean venue and refreshed staff for the second show and those planning to attend the second show only will be able to have a fresh pick of seats.

SHOW ONE 1:00-3:00
Brain Peppers

Chapter 4

Maddy Bennett-Solo Song

Addie and Becca – Duet

Divide Zero

Another Formation


Addie and Becca – Duet

SHOW TWO 4:30-7:00

A Big Rock

David Sprunt- Solo Song

Daniel Girolamo-Solo Song

Optimal Illusion

Lost Exit

Addie and Becca- Duet



Addie and Becca – Duet

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